Stereoscopic Skydiving
Shot, edited, color timed and stereo-conformed by Eric Deren
TRT: 2:40

On Jan 30, 2008, this piece won:
     Best of Show (Live Action)
Stereoscopic Displays & Applications
Film Festival
On July 12, 2008, this piece won:
     Special Judges Award
National Stereoscopic Association
34th Annual Convention

Also featured as part of the

2010 Short Shorts Festival, Japan

2008 Siggraph 3D Theater Program

Full Color, Over-Under Separated Version

If your OS is Microsoft-based, right click here and "Save as..."
to download the full color version of the video.

(97mb WMV)

(you will need Peter Wimmer's stereoscopic player, which is Windows-based, to view this file in stereo)

Left eye is top, right eye is bottom, and the aspect ratio is 16:9.

If you are on a Mac, or you just don't want to install Wimmer's player,
you are relegated to a pre-converted anaglyph Quicktime, available below:

Anaglyph Version

View the pre-converted anaglyph Quicktime (for red-cyan glasses) here

(launches in a separate window)

Please note that many colors have been distorted and/or
entirely removed during the anaglyph conversion process.

(What colors weren't lost to anaglyph were then mangled by the H.264 Quicktime codec,
which is why the "over-under" separated file (above) is strongly recommended.
Any ghosting and double-imaging you see is from the quicktime codec)

For the best viewing experience, please use
red-cyan glasses with the red lens over the left eye.

(Please note that cyan is neither blue nor green)

(you can get a pair of 3D glasses here.)


The original raw footage stack reel is available here as "over-under" separated. (120mb)
It is longer, has fewer cuts, and has no post stabilization.
It is being included here as somewhat of a "making of" and your mileage may vary.

visit the Stereoscopic Playback Frequently Asked Questions if you have questions.

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